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Doppelte Buchführung in automatisierten Vorgängen von Wareneingang bis Warenausgang

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Stock transfer report

Revolution durch doppelte Buchführung im Lager

The double accounting system of Odoo reduces processing times and automated transactions. Odoo creates the opportunity to reduce inventory and ensures you the complete traceability of all transactions.

Organize the warehouse with double-entry bookkeeping - full transparency with maximum stocks movement

The principle of double bookkeeping for Odoo's stock has simplified financial accounting . The movement of products in Odoo takes place only from place to place and is not organized according to consumption, loss or missing products.

This principle enables you to track products without gaps. The chain is not only limited to your storage area, but can also be traced to the movements of customers or suppliers. Furthermore Odoo offers you the possibility to create extended reports. The complete functions are available via the intuitive user interface.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping
reordering rules of inventory

Reduce the processing time

Odoo warehouse management organizes and automates all processes according to your individual logistical rules: minimum inventory requirements, push and pull rules, make-to-order and many more. The optimized planning and self-service of Odoo reduces manual processes in the company.

Automate transactions

Odoo offers you the possibility to automate various transactions by depositing configurable routings. Here, in the storage management, e.g. delivery notes for customers, receipts of goods, picklists and stock transfers independently produced by Odoo. Based on the respective product, own warehouse routes can be defined. Furthermore, Odoo offers you the creation of push or pull rules to define internal rearrangements between storage locations and thus further increase your efficiency.

Delivery orders of stocks
Stock moves

Complete traceability

The Odoo warehouse management app offers the opportunity to track both past and future stock movements. All stock movements can be tracked in the offset bookings of the double-entry bookkeeping, for example, the customer, supplier or production facility storage locations.

You can scroll up or down in the tracking of corresponding serial or batch numbers.

Minimum inventory - adapted procurement methods

Thanks to Odoo's warehouse management, you have the opportunity to always be able to keep your inventory despite minimized inventory. By storing minimum stock levels and corresponding maximum stocks, it is possible to keep an optimal inventory. At the same time, you minimize the risk of errors in manual warehouse management processes.

minimum stock rules
financial accounting

Full integration into all business processes - purchasing, sales and accounting

Through Odoo the procurement becomes a children's play. Odoo's warehouse management is fully integrated into the sales and purchasing area. Through the integration of financial accounting, bookings can be created in real time for each storage movement. Furthermore, reports on costs and revenues are available.

In Odoo Seriennummern nachzuverfolgen ist ganz leicht

By using serial or batch numbers, the flow of goods can be tracked continuously. The administration of serial/batch numbers is also implemented in production processes at Odoo. The traceability of packaging such as crates, packages, pallets, etc. can also be managed using numbers.

management of serial number
Stock location

Easily expand your warehouse management system

Odoo's multi-warhouse management gives you the ability to manage a variety of locations, such as own external and internal storage locations, customer and supplier stores, as well as production sites with individual structures. Odoo is an ideal application for the organization of the camp for small as well as large companies.

Reports and dashboards -
evaluations for storage efficiency

Als Basis für fundierte Entscheidungen, stellt Ihnen Odoo korrekte und umfangreiche Informationen zur Verfügung. Für die Messung der Effizienz Ihres Lagers können in Odoo eigene Dashboards erstellt werden. Die erzeugte Odoo Lagerstatistik kann mit anderen Mitarbeitern über Odoo geteilt werden.

Stock Reports and Dashboards

We would be pleased to advise you regarding the possibilities of adjustment and furnishing for the warehouse in Odoo, acc. The requirements of your company.

Other modules and information. Further information about the modules of Odoo as well as our services please see here.

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